Official Date is Now MAY 17-19, 2024 AT Century 2 Exhibition Hall

Our Team



We have a huge network & great  community for which we wish to showcase our spirit!  We stand for our community & fight for our respect!




Tattoo Contests

Yes anyone can enter the contest as long as they are of age & meet the Expo Standards of Good. No Hate. As well they must match the accommodating category

Yes, entries are taken from the opening of the show until 20 minutes prior to judging.
Example: Saturday judging begins at 5 pm, so cut off for registration is 4:40 pm.

Nope! As long as you show up & do as needed you can participate in any of the contests!

General Questions

We apologize but no your ticket is not a part of your tattoo costs at all.

GREAT QUESTION! Please go to the Artist Tab on this site for the list of Participating Artists & Each artist has the best way to schedule with them for the weekend!

Do you like to wait in line?
If not, just show up, show your mobile ticket and go in!

We need Stand Up Comedians at the Expo! That’s a Great Joke!. No they are not.

The cost of a tattoo is completely and totally up to each individual artist. We do not give out price quotes for tattoos. Please contact an artist!

Tickets can be purchased at the door.
Online ticket pre-sales will be listed on the show page or

To be Tattooed, you MUST be 18 years or older and have proper and VALID identification with you!!!

VIP guests, artist/vendor listing, and performers will be listed under the Artists Attending section with each corresponding show on our website.

GREAT QUESTION! Please go to the Artist Tab on this site for the list of Participating Artists & Each artist has the best way to schedule with them for the weekend!

Artist & Vendor Questions

inbox us we are here to help.

1) Vendor agrees to comply with all the rules and guidelines set forth by 2024 RiverCity Tattoo & LifeStyle Expo an event of Virtual Effect Management LLC. The Vendor understands that removal from the event is at the discretion of the Event organizers and all deposits and or payments will be forfeited.
2) The Vendor, if tattooing on premises, agrees to use single-use needles and inks, use certified sharps container to dispose of used needles, follow recognized professional tattooing standards, and maintain a clean workstation. This includes properly bagging contaminated waste each day for removal and policing the booth area before final departure for any tattooing product or materials.
3) The Vendor understands that the sale of tattoo machines and or tattoo equipment to the general public, is expressly forbidden at this event, and is a violation of this contract. Any violation of this contract may result in immediate removal from the event by the Promoter.
4) The Vender agrees not to alter the booth size assigned to him/her. Not to tape, nail, puncture, or in anyway affix any material to Convention Center Property, including walls or pillars. Vendor agrees to reimburse Century 2 Convention Center and 2024 RiverCity Tattoo & LifeStyle Expo an event of Virtual Effect Management LLC., for any and all damages caused by Vendor, Vendor’s agents, Employees, Subcontractors, and/or Vendors guests.
5) A Vendor booth is described as a pipe and draped area, approximately 10’X10’ with two (2) draped tables, four (4) chairs, two (2) trashcans, and an electric hook-up. Placement of said booth is at the discretion of the promoter. Each booth is intended for the use of two (2) Tattoo Artists, or two (2) Merchandise agents. Any additional material provided to the vendor is at the discretion of the promoter.
6) Fees paid for a booth rental includes the cost of admission for a total of two (2) people and also one worker wristband to the 2024 RiverCity Tattoo & LifeStyle Expo. 3 laminates and 1 wristband will be provided for each booth contract. All additional persons must purchase, either in advance or at the door.
7) Licensee agrees to provide and pay all location and establishment fees, and artists license fees and or permits required by Local health dept.
8) The Vendor agrees to comply and follow all sterilization standards set forth by local health licensing requirements.
9) No refunds, transfers or downgrades for events within 30 days will be offered. In the event of Force Majeure, all booth deposits will be applied to the rescheduled or postponed date. If written notice is given for refund for a postponed event a refund can be offered to be applied after the date of the postponed events conclusion. Notice of 30 days or more before the event date must be given for all refunds, transfers or downgrades.
10) A 50% deposit is required to hold a booth. NO REFUNDS! Payment in full must be received by 30 days before each event. Failure of Vendor to meet payment deadlines makes this contract null and void.
11) This contract may not be altered except by amending agreement in writing and executed by each of the parties.
12) Each obligation or agreement of a party contained in this contract, even though not expressed as a covenant, is considered for all purposes to be a covenant.
13) There will be a thermofax and copy machine for use in the convention center.
14) No one under the age of 18 will be tattooed. All people receiving tattoo(s) must have filled out the provided a digital or paper release form with a copy of a valid picture I.D. attached. Any exhibitor failing to produce paperwork will be asked to leave and will not be invited back.
15) Strict minimum of $100.00 on all tattoos.
16) Every fresh tattoo must be bandaged, NOT wrapped in PLASTIC, unless a dermal bandaging type is used.

Nope! The Health Department requirements only apply if there is tattooing in your booth.

Distilled water is accessible from the reservoir in the Artist Area.

Yes. Sharps containers are labeled with your booth number. At the end of the show, Sharps must be placed with a gloved hand in the BioWaste containers at the Artist Area. Booths who do not properly return their sharps may receive a violation and potential fines.

The Artist Area is where artists can print, copy and have stencils made at all of our events. As well as make sure to meet all minimum sanitary requirements!

Yes. Friday morning. First come, first serve. $100 for the weekend.

Yes, or you can download off of our website as needed.

Sorry, we do not offer WiFi, but Century 2 does & we are making sure you have access.

For every 10×10 booth area 2 artist/workers are allowed. So a double booth would fit 4 artists.

First, submit your artist registration & booth reservation. If you are new to RiverCity Tattoo Expo, please provide your shop’s website or artist portfolios to:

2 years minimum experience is required from all artists.

Once you have received the applications, fill them out and email them back! Once we get your paperwork we will provide you with links to pay. A half deposit is required to consider your booth reserved.

May 17th-19th

Friday-Sunday Will be for all guests & visitors


9am to 10 pm


9am to 10 pm


9am to 10 pm

The Full Begining of the Week will be reserved for set up of all booth & vendors spaces!